Products and Services

Our products: maximum quality guaranteed

Josman Technical Solutions holds ISO 9001 quality certification. We have a long record of experience in design, machining and assembly work complying with the highest quality criteria.

Summary of our products:

  • Design and manufacture of automated and semi automated machines (OEM).
  • CNC lathe and milling machining of parts.
  • Assembly and verification tools.
  • Manufacture and assembly of parts in various materials.
  • Automation of production processes
  • Poka-Yoke devices
  • Adjustment of machine safety systems.
  • Manufacture of plastic injection moulds, polyamides, etc.
  • Cutting dies

What do we do?

At Josman Technical Solutions we have a manufacturing process perfectly adapted to the current needs of the industry. We certify all the steps, from design through to production, guaranteeing the traceability of our products.

Constantly improving our production processes.

Summary of our services:

  • Design and manufacture.
  • In house design of both prototypes and unique equipment for production lines.
  • Swift response and delivery.
  • Cost effective solutions.

Production lines

We are dedicated to manufacturing sets of parts on production lines which are the result of an integrated sequence of processes involving design, machining, plastic injection, vulcanizing, etc.

Our objective is to supply our clients with a set of parts, already assembled, which comply with all quality specifications at an affordable cost.

Maintenance work

We offer flexible and effective equipment for the manufacture of parts at short notice in a range of materials for maintenance work on production lines, industrial machinery, tools etc….these parts can be produced either from the original plans or by duplicating physical examples.

We can assist with the repair and corrective and preventative maintenance on your machinery.

Manufacture of special, devices, machines and tools.

We offer years of experience in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) design and construction. Unique machines and devices, both automated and semi-automated, for a range of uses; production lines, assembly, verification, poka-yoke devices, artificial vision, component feed systems, etc.