Quality Policy

certificado iso 9001

Our philosophy is focused on providing products which satisfy our clients, which conform to the requirements or requisites set out in their contracts or orders.

We use all the means at our disposal to apply efficient working methods and adequate processes to deliver the tasks commissioned to us by our clients, according to the requirements of each case, and always subject to prevailing legislation in our sector, and other applicable laws and regulations. 

Josman Soluciones Técnicas has built up its competitive business model around a global concept of quality applied to both products and our processes and management.

Our aim is for the quality of our tasks and processes to be the factor which sets our products apart and puts them in a class of their own on the market. We also want external and internal relations to be a crucial part of our approach.

In our model, clients play a key role and are a priority in defining the quality of our service, and we carry out a number of processes to check that they are satisfied.

Our policy is based around meeting our clients’ requirements, constant improvement, preventing errors, and doing everything we can to anticipate clients’ needs.

For us the core principles are:  clients’ response time, adapting to their needs, giving them individual assessment about aspects of our business, profitable solutions to different problems faced, flexibility and permanent dialogue about the progress of the task entrusted to us.

To put our policy in practice, we have adopted the quality management system based on the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Our priorities are:

  1. To align our company’s quality management with our working procedures, with special emphasis on developing them and interlinking them in the best possible way for our company and working system.
  2. To be equipped with a useful and efficient management System.
  3. To foster and provide continuous training at all levels, keeping our staff informed of new techniques and useful tools to carry out services.
  4. Prevention of errors and defects as a necessary priority. This is the only way of improving the levels of quality in our services. Objective analysis of errors and non-conformities are essential in order to take steps to correct and prevent future deviations. 
  5. To ensure that the client’s needs and expectations are clearly understood, and that we are able to provide efficient solutions.

The Company Management is committed to communicating, explaining and maintaining the contents of this Quality Policy with all the means at its disposal.

This Policy is publicly disclosed and is conveyed to everyone who works for our company or on behalf of our company, and is at the disposal of all staff. 

The Management makes sure that this policy is understood by all its staff, through reading, explanations, memorandums and training the affected staff members.

JOSMAN Management has primary responsibility for maintaining its Quality Policy, which it regularly checks and reviews so as to ensure that it is appropriate and up to date. 


Signed: The Management


German Moreno-Cid

Francisco José Moreno-Cid